1963 Coup d’état

The JFK Assassination: Was it a Coup d’état? I have read several books on the assassination and theories. The Warren Commission is a lying crooked coverup. Before their farce, the various police, security agencies and forensic offices involved, combined some incompetence and a lot lying and coverup too. Oswald fired and possible and likely his is the back to front chest shot. The kill shot came from the front (I saw that the forensic/pathologist guys were amazed that the official story was reinvented for the kill shot to the back of the skull).

More than one shooter (more recent sound analysis of the home movie picks sound of 4-5 shots). Oswald made Expert on the firing range in the Marines and even years later he might have made the shot to the back but not to the right temple. I say conspiracy, multiple shooters, major lying and coverup in official circles thereafter.

One interesting book I read last year was Five Families by Selwyn Raab. Good read if you have the time. It touches on the assassination and the connection between the mafia families and the Kennedys (Old Joe and Jack, OK…..Robert as AG becomes the enemy)…..their Cuba interests. An important source for the author is Frank Ragano who for decades was the mafia lawyer (later a bit of remorse) who spilled old Mafia secrets. Ragano was told in1987 by Santo Trafficante (Miami boss) as he was dying, that he and Carlos Marcello were involved in arranging the assassination. There is some confirmation of this by other mafia, Giancana in Chicago…..

LBJ, Mafia, CIA, Cuban exiles pissed, Texas oil-politico mafias…… are we having fun yet?

I lost a friendship over Oliver Stone’s lie about JFK conspiracy. The movie was a well done crock of shit. From the grassy knoll to LBJ and the mob, I didn’t buy it then. I also don’t believe Dick Morris (the toe sucker and fake predictor) or Stone’s version including the so called scientific evidence that came later. While I admit that Oswald was a hell of a marksman, he was a Marine trained sniper

But of course, I didn’t believe what Trump said about Ted Cruz’ father being allied with Lee Harvey Oswald but it very well may be true.
“While Trump and Cruz were primary rivals in May, Trump initially pointed out an Enquirer story which featured Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, pictured with Lee Harvey Oswald while handing out pro-Fidel Castro pamphlets in New Orleans ” http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/trump-ted-cruz-jfk-assassination-226020

The main objection that I had to the Stone lie was he presented it as truth rather than fiction. If part of it was true and the rest was a lie, then the whole movie was a lie. I think the KGB sponsored Oswald and I also thought the Warren Commission was nothing but a Government attempt at a cover up possibly by the CIA.

Did LBJ have a part in this hit? I doubted it then but the facts are he was so corrupt in TX and that was where the hit took place, he may have. He certainly was not upset at being promoted to President. LBJ was one of the worst President’s of all times. His statism still will for forever have lasting effects on the United States and he should be recognized as being a traitor to capitalism and promoter of Socialism.

  • Stash Holly

    JFK was the TRUMP of that Generation. Everyone said back then that the Establishment Commiecrats murdered the President because he wasn’t really one of them and so a Coup d’état was the only way to get Lyndon Johnson in the White House and get America DEEP into Vietnam. Now the Commiecrats are again trying for a Coup d’état and take out President TRUMP. When the LAMESTREAM Media reports Polls on TRUMP I remind myself how out of touch they were on election day. And if you take out the ILLEGAL VOTES he won the popular VOTE as well. The Commiecrats know that they can not win an HONEST election and their worry about Russia is that Russia is monitoring our Election like the Commiecrats ILLEGALLY tamper with RUSSIA’S Elections.