The kneeling players in the NFL are condemning it to failure as the #BoycottNFL movement grows stronger by the day as proven by rating statistics. Players who choose to show no respect to American values are angering patriots who at one time were the backbone of the NFL. Now that poor executive management at the top and even poorer ethics and morals by team owners has hit an all time low, the liberal political side begins its assault. Back in the good old days, players made a team by their talent and skills for the game, not by arm twisting by #alt-left organizations like the NAACP and the one-sided players union.

In this day of political correctness where one of the great men of our times, Justice Clarence Thomas, is shunned by the Smithsonian in favor of a talentless ‘has been QB’. Colin Kaepernick, the organization is being destroyed from two different and diametrically opposed directions. We will advocate the NFL’s continued demise until such time as politics leaves the gridiron and the actual game of football returns. Owners must warn any player who refuses to stand for the nation’s anthem that they will no longer be allowed to play and will no longer receive their overpaid compensation. Until such time, we advocate watching college football instead of the NFL until such time as sanity returns to the professional sport.

NAACP, Liberal Activists Threaten to Boycott NFL Until Kaepernick Gets Signed
by WARNER TODD HUSTON21 Aug 20172,603
While Colin Kaepernick, continues to sit on the sidelines without a team for 2017, some liberal activists are trying to organize efforts to boycott the league over his unemployment.
Several efforts have been launched to boycott the NFL, unless, a team picks up the man now infamous for starting the protests during the playing of the national anthem last year.

One particular effort was launched by the Atlanta NAACP last week, according to Pro Football Talk.

“There will be no football in the state of Georgia if Colin Kaepernick is not on a training camp roster and given an opportunity to pursue his career,” Atlanta NAACP representative Gerald Griggs said in an August 18 statement. “This is not a simple request. This is a statement. This is a demand.”

Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons and co-founder of the Home Depot big box hardware chain, released a statement of his own. Reaffirming that he has always supported the inclusion of all manner of ideas in his life and businesses, “I have a long record of active opposition to any symbol or behavior that represents exclusion or discrimination, both personally and in keeping with the core values of our businesses. I, along with our Family Foundation, the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United have never and will never waver from that stance.”

Another effort seeks to urge all black Americans to boycott pro football over Kaepernick’s status.

Senior Pastor Deblaire Snell of the First SDA Church in Huntsville, Alabama, launched a campaign he has called #blackout, urging African Americans to stop supporting the NFL.

In a video posted to Youtube, Snell insisted that the NFL must be racist for not signing Kaepernick and, like many liberals, wondered why the league had no problem hiring people accused and even convicted of assault and other offenses, but won’t hire Kaepernick.

“My belief is simply this. If Colin Kaepernick was willing to take a stand for those of us who are non-celebrities that would have to interact with law enforcement on a day-to-day basis, if he’s willing to take a knee for us, certainly we ought to take a stand, and stand with him,” Snell said.

Still, there is no indication the various groups attempting to boycott the NFL are even made up of people who actually watched the NFL in the first place.

One commenter on the Snell Youtube posting made a provocative point. He noted how all those supporting the boycott seemed to think they were making a statement for racial issues, but he wondered what all the supporters would do if Kaepernick were signed. He also noted the hypocrisy of acting as if boycotting the NFL over Kaepernick was meaningful at all.

“So what y’all gonna do when Kaepernick get signed to a team? Just forget like anything else? This is not the answer,” the commenter said mocking the boycott.

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