Antitrust laws to breakup Media Monopoly

Isn’t it time to break up the media monopolies in the United States? For instance NBC, CBS, FoxNews NYT, Washington comPost. Antitrust laws are the laws that apply to virtually all industries and to every level of business, including manufacturing, transportation, distribution and marketing. They prohibit a variety of practices that restrain trade. Examples of more

Bias of Lamestream

“It’s concerning that news organizations with a clear and stated bias are serving as the eyes and ears of the White House press corps, regardless of their political leaning,” Andrew Seaman, chair of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Ethics Committee and a Reuters reporter, told The Washington Post for an article questioning the appropriateness of more

Presidential campaigns are a tough business

We are now at the point in this political season where everyone is hating on everyone else. Think about it: When was the last time you saw a piece or watched a segment in which a candidate was portrayed positively? Presidential campaigns are a tough business where every contender gets roughed up as the price more

Bimbo Eruption

It’s the “Bimbo Eruption” Redux. As you may have seen, Paula Jones reappeared on Sunday, giving a lengthy interview to a conservative radio host that pantingly promoted, charging that Hillary Clinton is the enemy of American women. The same day, Clinton was heckled up in New Hampshire by a female Republican state representative to more